Legal Marijuana Business Opportunities Interest Investors Across the Country

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The past five years have been important ones for the legalization of marijuana. Colorado and Washington both passed laws to decriminalize and legalize marijuana by popular vote in the year 2012. Since then, have both of those states have introduced the first legal marijuana markets in America. Legal retail sales began this year, and although the process has been slower than some would like, things are settling into place.

In 2014 the midterm elections saw legalization pass in more areas of the country, including Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. As of now, the west coast appears to be the center of the movement, but it is difficult to know how that might change in 2016. Many states are getting closer to legalization every election season. Local governments across the country have started small steps toward putting an end to prohibition, and several cities have passed ordinances decriminalize the sale of small amounts of marijuana or mark them as the lowest priority for law enforcement officers.

As the legalization efforts make their way across the country, some people look to start a medical marijuana business. While many still struggle with the ethics and implications of the legalization process, others see a business opportunity they do not want to miss. If you are one of the people who want to start a medical marijuana business, you might be interested in the following information:
–92% of patients say medical marijuana works for them
–5% of California adults have used medical marijuana for a “serious medical condition,” including arthritis, cancer, or chronic pain
–the Colorado marijuana industry created 7,500-10,000 U.S. jobs in 2014
–financial forecasters predict that In five years, the national legal marijuana market will be worth $10.2 billion.
–While Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have already legalized marijuana use, another 14 states have decriminalized the possession of certain amounts of marijuana.

While some are still trying to decide which side of the national marijuana debate they support, a growing number of people are already studying the business opportunity this new market provides. In Colorado, for example there are already guidelines in place for what it takes to get a license for selling marijuana in state. The next step some investors see if how to determine if the Colorado regulations will be the same in future states that might allow people to start a medical marijuana business. A quick search of the internet now lists topics such as:
–cannabis growing consultants
marijuana consulting investment opportunities
–medical marijuana facility design

–and medical marijuana marketing
Since 23 states and the District
of Columbia already allow the use of medical marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), it is not surprising that this is seen as a new business opportunity “free for the picking.”

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