LED Signs Are Safer and More Energy Efficient

Led board sign

LED signs attract attention. If you’re a school, church, business or local government agency, they’re a great way to stay in touch with your community and to keep them informed about what’s going on. With changing letter LED signs, you can easily update your messages and announcements. Marquee signs for schools, churches and businesses are highly visible. They’re also very energy efficient, making them one of the most cost effective ways of advertising.

LED signs are highly visible
Marquee signs for schools, churches, businesses and municipalities are highly visible to people as they go about their daily tasks. Whether they’re driving by, or waiting to drop off the kids, or stopping for traffic lights, your message will be seen clearly. With electric signs with changing letters, it’s easy to update messages as often as necessary.
For schools and businesses, this makes it easy to communicate messages about closings due to bad weather, important dates and more. It’s a way to celebrate events like team victories, graduations, and celebrations. Scrolling marquee signs are customized for each location and project, to ensure that they serve the purpose.

Helping businesses increase revenues
Many business owners are surprised to learn that adding a sign to their location, or even just increasing the size of the sign outside their location, can attract more customers and improve revenues. That’s because most people just walk past without paying mulch attention to their surroundings, but digital signs do attract attention.
In fact more than a third or 35% of customers say that they would not have discovered a business if it had not been for the sign outside. For most businesses, outdoor led signs are a form of advertising, and one of the most cost effective forms of advertising at that. People notice signs and billboards, and they even act on the messages they see. Whether it’s choosing a restaurant or retail store, or planing to attend an event, a significant percentage of decisions are made based on messages seen on billboards.

LED signs are energy efficient
LED signs outperform older fluorescent lighting on almost all counts. They’re safer because they contain no mercury. They last longer, and are up to 70% more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. This means that your energy costs will decrease, even as your visibility improves.
LED bulbs are shatterproof, so you will have no more worries about broken glass. The light quality is better and there are no problems like flickering lights as seen in fluorescents. For all of these reasons, LEDs are quickly taking over the global market in lighting. In fact they’re projected to cover 53% of the world?s lighting needs by 2019.

LED signs are highly visible, easy to maintain and install, and energy efficient. Used in marquee signs for schools, churches, and businesses, they can help communicate important messages and keep the community informed about events and closings. People notice signs and the messages on them, and they also act upon them. Which makes outdoor led signs one of the best ways to connect with the community.

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