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If you’ve ever been to a major sporting or entertainment event, the number of people may have overwhelmed you. Up to 70,000 people can come out for events like a baseball or football game, or a major concert. Luckily for you, however, these venues have implemented a crowd management system that maximizes safety and efficiency, which are two of the main concerns of a crowd management system. With so many people in a confined space, it’s important for a good crowd management system to include installing measures like an automatic barrier or safety barrier systems that keep people going where they’re supposed to and guard against possibilities like riots or stampedes. Additionally, since Americans spend about two years of their life waiting in lines (although it may often feel like much longer!) and 88% of people have said they’ve given up on standing in line for something and simply left, a crowd management system tries to make the waiting process as painless as possible.
What is a Crowd Management System?
A crowd management system keeps the public under control, in order to maximize good flow and movement, and to prevent disorder, which can often lead to panic or riots. These systems can come in three main forms; they’re often used together to maximize the end results. One crowd management system can come in the form of a person, such as a bouncer or doorman, at smaller venues like clubs or bars. Another crowd management system can be seen in the publication of safety instructions by the event itself, the venue, employees of the event (like ushers, greeters, or ticket workers), or security personnel. The last and most visible crowd management system is in the specific objects that guide and restrict people, like retractable belt barriers or stanchions.
Why is a Crowd Management System Necessary?
Safety First
Sporting events in particular can get out of hand quickly, especially when feelings are high about a specific team, which is why a crowd management system is particularly necessary at venues like these. Ideally, they anticipate any arguments or brawls that are likely to break out and construct an effective crowd management system. An effective crowd management system makes sure that any kind of disorder is speedily dealt with and if things were to get out of hand, it would be possible to move people out of the venue quickly. Safety fences and barriers are often erected to keep the public away from the celebrity figures of a sport or entertainment event—in this case, the crowd management system is to keep the celebrity safe, as well as the public.
Efficiency Matters
One common place that crowd control barriers are often seen as a good method of a crowd management system can be seen in Times Square during New Year’s Eve. The police and city think carefully about the crowd management system for this time of year, erecting barriers to keep the public in specific areas during this time. This crowd management system allows police to check bags and individuals for dangerous items and prevents rioting.
All in all, a good crowd management system will both protect you and keep you going where you need to go on time.

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