Keep Employee Absences Down When You Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Cold and flu season is often exacerbated by the amount of people who still go to work and school even when they’re sick. Indeed, one out of every three people still head to the office even when they’re not feeling well. This only increases the amount of germs that get spread around the office, especially if they’re not conscious about washing their hands or covering when they sneeze or cough. The average desk already houses 10 million bacteria and flu viruses can stay alive on hard surfaces for as long as two days, increasing your risk of catching your co-worker’s nasty bug. If your business isn’t already employing commercial cleaning contractors or cleaning services, it might be time to think about doing so ahead of this year’s cold and flu season.

Reducing Germs in the Workplace
If we were to ever see the amount of germs that clutter our workplace on a daily basis, it’s likely that we’d all be horrified and grossed out. But since they’re invisible to the eye, we don’t think about it very much. But maybe we should.

The typical keyboard, chair, and computer mouse have over 20,000 germs per square inch and work desks are actually dirtier than office toilets, if you can believe that, with up to 400 times more germs. And office phones have an average of over 25,000 germs per square inch. An elevator button will have millions of germs on it.

These are all items that we use or touch on a regular basis during the workday. Those germs are traveling back and forth constantly. Without regular office cleaning, a workplace can become a rather toxic environment and have a negative impact on health during the worst of the cold and flu season.

How Commercial Cleaning Contractors Can Help
Commercial cleaning contractors will make sure that your workplace stays sanitary and clean by finding the right office cleaning service for you. Whether you touch base with commercial cleaning contractors for a service that comes in daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, they’ll match you up with a service that fits your needs the best.

A clean workplace means fewer germs, but also fewer allergens, which can make the workplace more comfortable for employees who are sensitive to dust or other allergens. Your indoor air quality may also increase, which means you can breathe easier. With fewer germs, you may also find that employee absence rates also go down and productivity increases.

A National Health Interview Survey found that JUST the flu caused 200 million days with lower productivity and 75 million days of employees being absent from work. Now think about the other hundreds of colds and viruses that happen every year. Of course, not all of that can be avoided by having your office regularly cleaned, but it will make a difference and be a good first step towards reducing the number of illnesses at your workplace.

Where to Find a Good Commercial Cleaning Service

The first place to turn to are colleagues and other business contacts. A personal recommendation is always preferable to a cold search. If they’re recommending the business, it means that they had a good experience and liked them enough to refer them on.

However, if you’re not netting anything for referrals, searching online is a next good step. Websites tend to be pretty comprehensive these days, so you should be able to find out what range of services they offer, what packages look like, and you might even be able to get a quote. Be sure to check out online reviews or testimonials, either on their website or a third-party site to see how customers have rated them as well.

Going local is also usually better, since they can respond to any emergencies and may be well known in the community.

Keep your office a bit more germ-free this season when you look into office cleaning services to keep your area spic and span. And don’t forget to do your part as well — having antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer at your desk can make a difference too.

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