Is Your Warehouse Well-Connected to the Supply Chain?

No matter how many jets fly through the air on a daily basis or how many technological advances are made, tractor-trailers are still the backbone of all industry, commerce and manufacturing in North America. Moving items by road is a time-tested method, and it’s still essential for commercial logistics. The world may be obsessed with all things digital and people may use their phones to shop and sell instead of walking into stores, but it’s still trucks that power the world. And those trucks are the essential link in a chain that stretches from warehouse to warehouse across the continent.

Commercial Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The mere phrase “commercial logistics” sounds technical and a little frightening, but it’s actually simple. This is the method by which a product moves from a manufacturer to a customer, and it’s all the steps in-between the starting point and the end point. Have you ever thought about the journey a single item takes to get from the manufacturer’s warehouse to your front door? Maybe you haven’t, but this is what transportation companies think about and manage every single minute of every single day. Moving items around, even across short distances, is far more complicated than most people imagine.

Transportation Companies

Many manufacturers and retailers are involved in the supply chain. They’re essential elements of the supply chain, in fact, but lots of these businesses do not have their own trucks to transport items. Many of the most successful companies that are part of the supply chain actually hire third-party trucking companies and transportation companies to move goods from one place to another. This is an easy way to maintain a strong supply chain while keeping down business costs and reducing overhead.

Trucking companies serve as a carrier of goods and products of all types, and they are what powers commercial logistics across multiple industries. Rather than purchasing vehicles, hiring drivers, training dispatchers and managing land routes that go between different warehouse locations, lots of companies hire third-parting transportation companies that specialize in moving items for all sorts of clients. This allows companies to focus on making items, selling products or otherwise maintaining their own specific place along the supply chain that connects everyone in North America.

The same way roads connect towns and cities across the continent, the supply chain connects all manufacturers to retailers to customers. And even though you can’t always see that supply chain at work all around you, it’s always there.

The Well-Connected Warehouse

Freight transportation is here to stay. It accounts for 8.9% of the nation’s economic activity, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP). Experts predict that local freight trucking will grow to be a $28 billion business by 2020. It’s essential for every warehouse to be on the grid, so to speak, in order to be a major player in the supply chain.

Vancouver is an important part of commercial logistics in North America. It’s a transportation hub and a hive of activity. Use trucking companies to keep your warehouse connected to the rest of the supply chain, so your business can continue to focus on building a better, stronger customer base. Transportation companies that specialize in moving items are dedicated to getting products and materials where they need to be. This allows other businesses to grow bigger and better every year, without worrying about maintaining their own fleet and transportation workers.

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