Is Your Business Running at its Full Potential?

Food processing equipment

You want your business to run smoothly. That?s why you use a recruiting firm to find the right employees, but once you?ve got them working for you are you implementing the best business systems? Systems that will run smoothly, department to department, ensuring you can maximize your profits? Supply chain and logistics recruiters can do the same thing for your business that recruiting firms do, but for process excellence rather than staffing.

Process Excellence is a controlled state of high-functioning business organization in which a company continually streamlines its processes to increase their efficiency by improving their design, implementing better tools and approaches, and bringing about innovations. The superiority of technologies and methods used in the processes are what explain their excellence, which underlies their profitability. The state of process excellence is a result of effective management, directed by a company?s goals.

For example, flexible packaging is the second largest segment of packaging in America, with almost 20% of the $145 billion market. The largest market for flexible packaging is food, both retail and institutional; food accounts for almost 60% of shipments. Almost 80,000 people are directly employed by the flexible packaging industry.

If you own a plastics company, not only do you have to make sure you?re giving your customers impeccable execution of the plastics they need, you also have to deal with shipping logistics, storage, payroll? the seemingly endless list that is running a business. A logistics recruiter can help you find an expert in supply chain and vertical marketing sales, helping to boost your process excellence.

Plastics, software, the food processing equipment industry, there?s no business that can?t be revitalized by process excellence. If your business is lacking it will give it vigor and if your business is booming, process excellence will help to keep it on track and moving forward.

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