Is Refurbished Better for Business? Here Are 3 Facts on Used Server Racks

Used rack server

If you run your own IT-related business, especially if you keep your own servers on the premises, then you know just how much work goes into maintaining your systems. Whether you offer cloud storage to consumers or businesses or you just need to keep your company intranet in good working order, you need to ensure that your business doesn’t wind up losing data, which can happen with improper server storage. Yet it turns out that IT businesses can actually cut down on costs without losing out on technological capabilities with just one simple trick. The secret? Purchasing used server racks instead of spending the extra money on new ones.

Is it really worth it to buy used server racks? In addition to saving money, there are other benefits to using secondhand server racks:

  • Purchasing refurbished server rack cabinets can reduce waste. One of the biggest problems in the United States when it comes to the environment is e-waste. E-waste, which is short for electronic waste, often winds up overseas and results from consumers who throw away their old computers, cell phones, and other electronics. Because people tend to replace what is obsolete with something shiny and new, e-waste is a growing problem as our gadgets evolve at an alarming pace. By choosing to buy refurbished server racks and other IT equipment, you can ensure that you won’t be contributing to your local landfill, and you’ll also help manufacturers curb the need to produce more new items.
  • Used can work just as good as new. When it comes to storage for your IT equipment, there are actually surprisingly few requirements. You’ll need something that can be kept dust-free, and your rack enclosures will need to have proper ventilation. As long as you keep your server rack enclosures and servers in a clean, cool room, the difference between new and used server racks is minimal at best.
  • And yes, buying used server cabinets can save money. Choosing to buy used cabinets for your servers gives you the same products that you would buy brand new. This is ideal for companies that plan to expand. Most likely, the used network racks that you’ve purchased were used by another company that expanded their IT offerings, so they needed server racks to accommodate that expansion. Buying used server cabinets means getting more space for less, and they have the same measurements for however many units you need to store.

Would you purchase refurbished server racks for your company, or have you already done so before? Weigh in in the comments.

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