International Shipping Is a Growing Global Market

With recent expansions of companies like Amazon, it’s no surprise to say that shipping companies are growing rapidly. However, international shipping is becoming a large market for a variety of different reasons. Here’s some insight into how goods are shipped globally, and why you might want to consider international shipping as a viable option for your shipments in the future.

E-commerce revenue in the United States has a current value of approximately $423 billion. This number is only expected to increase as time goes on, as it’s already started to impact the retail industry. With so many people ordering everything from packages to full truckload carriers that have to go from Point A to Point B, it’s no wonder that shipping has become such a large global service. Especially not expedited international shipping services, since we always want to get our purchases as quickly as possible.

The industry has been doing very well for itself and is only expected to grow in terms of both labor and value. The U.S. Department of Transportation has predicted that the value of expedited freight will increase by approximately $500 per ton by 2040. As it stands now, the 3 most valuable commodities that are moved by The three most valuable commodities moved by expedited international shipping services are machines, electronics, and motor vehicles. These are all products used frequently by customers in the United States, so it’s no wonder they require specialty freight services in order to arrive perfectly in order.

These products are all moved through a variety of means, with almost 12 million modes of transportation for shipping goods, including trucks, cars, train locomotives, and other vessels. In addition, is estimated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that there are approximately 6 million commercial vehicle drivers in the United States to operate these vehicles with the utmost safety.

It’s obvious that international shipping is a large market for a variety of reasons. The value of the products that they can deliver, the modes of transportation, and the utmost safety and efficiency in making sure that your product gets to you as soon as possible. So keep an eye on this market, as it’s only going to get bigger as customer demand increases.

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