Increasing Your Online Businesses Holiday Sales

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The month of December is one of the biggest shopping times all year. People are preparing for the holidays and are checking gifts off of their lists. Many retailers have found that online shopping is more popular than ever this year. Shoppers simply do not want to spend hours in shopping malls, waiting in long lines. They would also prefer to skip the traffic. Smaller businesses that have the ability to offer online shopping have more opportunity now than ever. If your business has the ability to provide great customer service, a product in demand, and quick shipping, you will find your sales increase this holiday season.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

Just as a small physical business deals with, if customers are not aware of your business and its product, they will simply not purchase from you. Increase your internet advertising during the holiday season, to bring in more gift shoppers. Attract buyers with special holiday discounts. Provide incentives where the shopper also gets a gift for themselves if they spend a set amount of money. People always enjoy getting gifts for themselves, as well.

Provide an easy checkout process

One of the benefits of shopping via a large retailer during the holiday season is the easy and speed of the checkout process. Customers still add the items they want to their virtual cart and then enter in their credit card information. They can opt to create an account, which will provide them with additional discounts and the ability to check out even quicker next time. A small business that wants to compete with large online retailers needs to have a convenient and easy checkout process.

Attempt to answer questions, even before they have them

Customers who are willing to try a new online retailer out expect it to be simple. If they come across any problems, and they are unable to receive immediate assistance, such as an after hours phone service, they are more likely to switch to a better known online business. If there is a common problem among your customers, fix it. Include a frequently asked questions section for common problems that cannot be fixed. Even if you list a contact phone number, some customers may choose not to call the after hours phone service or do an online chat for assistance.

Provide the best customer service experience possible

U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service. It really does not take much to satisfy a customer. The number one thing that customers are looking for when they call contact centers or an after hours answering service is to have their problems resolved quickly. This means the immediate ability to reach a live answering services representative. Approximately 80% of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail.

Some smaller businesses, especially virtual retailers, may find it difficult to always be available to their customers. In many cases, an after hours phone service can provide the customers with the immediate assistance and the improved customer service experience that they expect. An after hours call service or a 24 hour answering service ensures that a friendly and knowledgeable associate answers your customer?s calls, regardless of the day or the time.

The holiday season is one of the biggest seasons for retailers, both storefront and virtual. Smaller businesses have the ability to advertise and grow their customer base during this season, because so many customers are looking for great deals online. The best way to keep a customer and to increase their chances of return is to do everything possible for an exceptional customer service experience. This might include an easy checkout process or the ability to have immediate website assistance, in the form of answering services for small businesses. An after hours phone service ensures that your customers can always reach a live person.

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