Increase Your Brand’s Awareness with Combo Aerial Advertising

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Now that the weather is warming up, more people are heading to the beach and other outdoor recreation areas. As a result, this is a great time to get your message out to large crowds of people with aerial advertising. These types of campaigns can work effectively in combination with traditional print and Internet advertising.

If your business hasn’t used aerial advertising before, you may be interested to know that there are different types available. You can have a message skywritten or place it on a banner and have it towed. Other options include the combo aerial billboard. When you opt for the combo aerial billboard, you can continue using your standard billboard and include an updated customized message as well.

Aerial banners are an effective advertising tool, particularly when the skies are clear. A recent survey showed that 79% of its participants remembered the product and/or service that was being advertised. Roughly 67% of these participants could also remember at least half of the message.

If you opt for a skywritten message, these can be viewed for over 2,800 square miles. Needless to say, this is a greater range than with traditional roadside billboards. When the weather is cool, humid, windless, and clear, a skywritten message can usually remain visible for 20 minutes or longer. Furthermore, they can still be seen from a distance of around 30 miles.

The response rate with aerial advertising tends to be positive as well. Recent figures show that some campaigns experience a 20% response rate. When you use a combo aerial billboard, you may notice that this response rate increases. When used in conjunction with other forms of advertising, you may also see an increased response rate.

When you consider the benefits of using an airplane advertising service, you may decide to use this medium on a regular basis. In addition to reaching large crowds during the spring and summer months, you can also alter your messages as often as you like. Furthermore, if you would like to announce a sale, special event, or a new product and/or service, you can get this message out there faster than with traditional advertising.

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