Improve Security with Rubber Wrist Bands

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Improve Security with Rubber Wrist Bands

Rubber wristbands for security have become a leader for identification and security. These wristbands can be a great way to identify who people are and multiple situations. If you are a company or business that is thinking about identification wristbands or you may be thinking about some type of wristband for events or conferences, then it is a good idea that you look into rubber wristbands.

Smart Statistics For Identification Wrist Bands

Here are a few different facts about why wristbands, whether they be rubber or custom silicone wristbands can be an important security enhancement, but also a great way to identify who people are.

  • In a medical setting, wristbands are excellent for identifying who a patient is, simply by the collar of a wristband. For example, the color red andldquo;Aandrdquo; color means that all patients wearing this type of wristband need to have the protocol for a patient with allergies. This type of regulation has been adopted in 26 states.
  • The color pink in a medical hospital or medical setting means that a patient has restricted extremities. This practice has been enforced by six states at this time.
  • Green bands mean that a patient has latex allergies. Also, only six states have adopted this type of practice.
  • Another interesting fact about rubber wristbands are these identification bracelets generally only use a font size of between 12 and 14 point.

Why Are Rubber Wrist Bands Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Identification wristbands are becoming quite popular for many different reasons, including for children. 90% of parents or adults are going to experience losing a child in a public place. Plastic ID bracelets can make this type of situation be resolved much easier, because the child will have some type of identification on them.andnbsp;

Medical alert wristbands are also becoming extremely popular as well, because patients can be admitted to a hospital, but if there are multiple patients being admitted all at once, there could be a mix-up of identities. Having a medical alert wristband or a medical ID wristband can be the perfect way to help keep track of patients and who they are.

Great Places For Wristbands

Here are a few excellent places that rubber wrist bands can be wonderful for identifying who people are and where they need to be located at.

  • Events are a great place for color coded wristbands. For example, imagine being located at a sporting event. Most of these places have special areas for VIP and club members. A color-coded wristband can immediately identify what direction they need to be heading or accepted into.
  • Going to a bar or club with restricted areas is also another terrific place for wristbands to be worn. Custom silicone wristbands or holographic wristbands are a great place for these to be worn for patrons that need to be in certain designated areas.
  • Museums or other public attractions can be a great place for wristbands as well. It is much easier to identify where patrons need to go, or whether or not certain customers have access to a full attraction or just certain parts of a Museum or amusement park.

There are multiple reasons why any type of wristband is going to be ideal for any business that has multiple people in a building or in a designated area. It increases safety, keeps crowd control to a minimum, and it also helps identify whether or not people are in the right places.


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