Importance of Following OSHA Fall Protection Regulations for Business Owners

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Running a business is complicated and very important. You need to follow various federal rules and regulations in order to stay out of legal trouble, especially when it involves the safety of your employees. Federal OSHA limits the fall or arrest distance to six feet and exceptions to this rule are extremely rare.

Why OSHA Fall Protection is Important

Protect Your Employees

The safety of your employees should be prioritized even higher than the success of your organization. If you aren’t concerned over their safety, you will eventually have far too many issues on your hands to be able to succeed as a credible business. If you aren’t following OSHA fall protection guidelines, your employees could severely injure themselves on the job. Without fall arrest or proper safety and fall protection equipment or training, a persona can fall up to seven feet in two-thirds of a second and cause serious harm to their head, neck, or other parts of the body. That’s why fall protection certification courses are so essential for businesses that require jobs at various heights.

Protect Your Organization Financially and Legally

If your employees are not property trained and fall while they are on the job, you are going to be liable for any injuries that occur. This can result in your having to pay serious financial restitutions to a single employee or, if this issue continue or happens at once involving any number of workers, you could potentially go completely out of business and have financial trouble in court.

Protect Company Products, Equipment, and Property from Being Damaged

Although protecting your employees, customers, and company’s good name are the most important aspects of business, you don’t want any damage to your property, costly equipment, or products either. Some falls might not exactly injure an employee, but they could potentially result in a serious financial loss if enough damage was done. That’s why fall protection courses are so essential for companies that have employees working above the ground.

Don’t let falls ruin your company. Make sure to follow OSHA fall protection regulations if you’re a business owner.

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