If You’re Shipping Items Overseas, Make Sure Find a Quality Purchasing Agent to Assist You

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Are there certain products you’d like to buy from overseas, but logistical considerations like transportation, insurance, and other concerns have been a hindrance? If so, you may want to consider working with a certified purchasing agent who can handle air and ocean logistics when it comes to shipping.

But what is a purchasing agent exactly? this person may be tasked not only buying a product overseas on your behalf, but also overseeing the door to door delivery of said item. This approach is also sometimes called “direct cargo transportation.” It limits the time it would otherwise take to transport a product from Point A to Point B to Point C, and so on. And with a more streamlined route, there is less of a toll taken on the environment. Furthermore, it is also easier to protect the physical integrity of the product and stave off damage.

When choosing between air and ocean cargo options–particularly if you are acting on behalf of a business and you the items you are shipping are larger or in greater quantities–you may want to consider the following: because schedules are followed stringently when it comes to air freight, it is easier to manage the the transport process, ensuring quality delivery. Additionally, insurance premiums are typically not as high as they might be with other methods.

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