If You Own A Business, You Need To Protect Your Investment! Here’s How

Commercial fire alarms

If you happen to own your own business, it?s best to always search for ways to protect your investments. When you are the director of operations at a certain property, you need to know what services can secure your assets. Of course, although accidents occur, why would you risk property loss, if you have a means to make a difference?

To be a savvy business investor, one system you need to have is 24 hour fire alarm monitoring. Commercial fire alarm companies can install commercial fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. With commercial fire sprinkler systems, you can protect your property, as well as those who are working there. Commercial fire sprinkler systems work with fire protection services, in an effort to curtail casualties and extra property costs.

For a majority of businesses, any way to reduce property damage, injuries, or death related to their industry, is imperative! In truth, if you want to assure the public that your facilities are safe, you should invest in a combination of early warning fire monitoring systems, as well as automatic sprinklers; these changes alone account for at least 50% of what your overall lose would be without them.

For instance, if you work out of a retail property, hospital, call center, or hotel, you can protect your business by using commercial fire sprinkler systems. As a matter of fact, quick response sprinklers unleash eight to 24 gallons of water, every minute! Not only is this enough water to put any fire out, but this kind of system distributes water practically, which is more tolerable to the foundation of your establishment. In effect, 24 gallons only releases what’s necessary to secure your property, compared to the rush of water spewing out of a fire hose, which can carry anywhere from 80 to 125 gallons of water; in other words, a sprinkler system is less likely to cause permanent water damage, while a fire hose most certainly will.

According to a national study of fires, if you exclude buildings that have no sprinklers or those that are under construction, commercial fire sprinkler systems were effective in putting out fires in 91% of all reported structural fires; these buildings had fires large enough to activate the fire sprinkler system, while the remaining structures had fires that couldn?t activate the fire suppression services.

Don’t let your business burn up…

Protect your property, today!

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