If A User Can’t Navigate Your Website, It’s Your Problem

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Good internet marketing design puts user preference above all. If your user has an easy time with your content, you have done a large part of your job. Steve Krug goes so far as to say that the first law of usibility is that users should not have to think! It webpages aren’t intuitive, there is a good chance you’ll lose your customer. So what usability mistakes are most common?

Websites that can’t function on phones.
When you build a website, be sure to build one that reacts who whatver device it is being consumed on. For example, reading a website that is meant for a computer on your phone is total pain. That is not user friendly and customers will talk away. Don’t scoff and assume that because you don’t use your phone to web browse that others are the same. The average person spends about 2.7 hours each day on their phone. It’s a worthwhile platform to pay attention to for the best internet marketing.

Right content, wrong place
Your website is a great place to do commerce. However, your brand shouldn’t be aiming to do commerce everywhere it lives online. Email and website are both great tools for sales and should be used as such. However, any good internet marketing firms will tell you that social media is really not a great space for sales. Social media is a tool for customer retention and cultivation. However, many people just aren’t in the buying mood when using social media.

Don’t get fancy.
Research shows over and over that good web design is simple. Integrating pop ups, music or flashy items into your website is much more likely to push people away than draw them in. Keep in simple and be sure to keep your products or mission front and center.

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