Hundreds Of People Are Killed Every Year From Fires How You Can Prevent Them

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Fire accidents are one of the most common natural disasters, yet they can be easily avoided. The vast majority of fires are caused by mechanical oversight or faulty equipment, meaning the devastating destruction of property and loss of life can be prevented through a little care and the use of commercial fire alarm systems. This state-of-the-art technology is designed from the ground up to target every aspect of a fire situation, from identification to fire protection services. If you own a small business or oversee a property, staying on top of your fire alarm systems is crucial to keep people safe all days of the year. Let’s take a look at how they function, common sources of fire and what you can do for maintenance.

Development Of Fire Prevention Technology

There are many different ways to prevent or reduce a fire. These include, but are not limited to, fire alarm systems, commercial fire sprinkler systems and fire protection services. Fire alarm systems identify the source of CO2 in the air, activating when there is a concentration of 20% or more. Fire sprinklers activate to reduce the flame and prevent damage or injury until help is able to arrive. Lastly, fire protection services are staffed by professionals trained to combat fire and rescue inhabitants or pets caught inside. Although fires can occur in any location, there are high-risk locations that need special attention.

Common Sources Of Fire

Although fires can crop up anywhere, there are certain locations that are more prone to accidents. Hotel and motel fires, for example, cause an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every single year. They also result in a nearly $80 million total in property loss, with frequent evidence pointing toward poor ventilation systems, discarded cigarette butts and a lack of oversight concerning fire alarm inspections. Another frequent source for fire are hospitals and warehouses — although warehouse properties have seen a decline in the past 30 years, they still are one of the most at-risk locations for fire damage. Apartments, due to their many inhabitants and close quarters, are in regular need of quality fire protection services.

Daily Fire Safety

Commercial fire alarm systems are essential to identify and prevent large fires, but there are small daily habits you can do to ensure future safety. Posting helpful signs and pamphlets can help remind residents or passerbys of safe habits, like disposing properly of cigarette butts and calling for help at signs of smoke. Proper ventilation is necessary to ensure air is easily and regularly circulated out of close quarters, particularly hospitals and apartments. A survey of 119 businesses revealed only 35% had a prepared evacuation plan in case of a fire, which should be first on your priority list if you haven’t outlined one. Last, but not least, contacting a fire professional to double-check your products and make sure they’re working properly.

Installing Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm contractor is a professional trained to identify, install and raise awareness concerning fire safety technology. Fire prevention and detection is considered critical to safeguard data centers, protect vital institutions and maintain the safety of the general public. Half of all dry chemical system failures were due to lack of maintenance, which is a staggering number that could’ve been prevented with a simple check-up. A check-up should be done at least once per year, perhaps more if additional features are detected. With a little foresight and thought the vast majority of fires can be prevented and countless lives can be saved every year.

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