How to Use Federal Proposal Writing Software to Your Advantage

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Anyone who’s ever had to deal with government contract proposals or cost and price analysis in government contracts knows how particular government contracting can be. In the old days, every potential job would require hours of research, proposal writing, cold calls, and follow-ups just to see one deal possibly get through.

Today, we have the technology to make our lives and our jobs a little easier. Federal proposal writing software is an easy tool to streamline the process of applying for government contracts so you can get past the negotiation stage and start getting to work on the business side of things.

The mere creation of a complex proposal — one that requires a submission of significant systems or product designs for programs with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars range — often takes up 1% to 2% of the entire contract value. That’s not insignificant, when you do the math.

When you use federal proposal writing software to help you fill in the blanks, the entire creation process becomes a lot easier. These software programs are specially designed with government requirements and RFPs in mind so that it saves you a lot of grief and effort. You don’t have to start over from scratch every single time.

These software systems also allow you to become more involved in the buying process itself. And when key decision makers are more involved, sales cycles increase. In fact, they already have: over the past 5 years, cycles have increased by 22%, likely because of the technology and software available to speed things along.

The future vitality of your business may depend on your ability to secure another government contract, and soon. Of all businesses operating in 2013, only 82.9% survived through 2014. Don’t miss an important sales opportunity because you’re stuck in the proposal writing stages or can’t come up with the right figures in a short amount of time.

If you don’t have it already, get federal proposal writing software to do the gritty work for you — before another opportunity slips through the cracks. When those contracts come through, the software will have paid for itself!

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