How to Run a Successful Trade Show Booth

Trade show exhibit display

When participating in a trade show or any type of event where you need to design an exhibit booth in order to showcase your business, there are several things that you want to keep in mind. It’s not enough just to show off your business and hope that people stop by. You need to be able to made your custom exhibit design stand out and away from all the other booths at the show. There is a certain science to trade show booth designs that most people have clicked on to so you need to take that extra step with your trade show exhibit design. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking along the right direction.

Interactive Exhibit Design
You want your booth to be engaging and interesting. Having interactive gimmicks can encourage people to stick around for longer and try things out, thus giving you more opportunity to talk to them about your business. You could use tricks, games, graphics, images, whatever it takes to draw them to you. The point is to be interactive. For example, design a game that they can play which involves making them ask a question about your business in order to get to the next level of the game. There are plenty of ideas online that you could draw from in order to come up with interactive ideas for your exhibit design, if you aren’t feeling creative. The design itself should be interactive. It may be a little more expensive to design a boot that has interactive properties but it’ll pay for itself if you get customers from it. People are much more likely to stick around a booth that offers something for them to take part in rather than a cardboard cutout and some business cards.

People love giveaways. We’re talking more interesting stuff than a few branded pens and pins. Really take some time and think about what you want your message to say. If you have to spend a little more then so be it but don’t skimp when it comes to giveaways. This is what people will pull out of their bags later and remember you by. Do you want to be remembered as the unimaginative, cheap skate that wouldn’t invest in your business so you threw together something at the last minute? Definitely not. These freebies may seem like a waste of money but they are your one way to continue advertising your company after the show has ended. Consider giving away products and samples from your company along with discounts and gift cards. Even prizes are a good idea and the prizes should be even better than the giveaways. You could use prizes and giveaways as encouragement for people to ask about the company. Give a prize for the most unique question, the funniest question, the most informed question, etc. People will eat it up.

You have to be careful in who you pick to represent your company at trade shows. This is the first impression people will get of your business. It’s important that they see your company as friendly, open and approachable. You don’t want to put rude employees in the booth but you also don’t want to be represented by shy folks that have a hard time talking to strangers. Part of running a booth like this is being able to step out and engage passers by. They shouldn’t just be sitting there and waiting for people to come and check out the booth. There are so many booths, guests can feel overwhelmed and if you ignore them, they won’t come to your booth. At the same time, if you hassle them, they probably won’t come either. There needs to be a fine balance.

These are just three things that you may not have not have thought of regarding how to run a booth. Of course you need to think about product and having the necessary equipment etc., but a lot of running a successful booth is all about the first impression. The whole point in participating in one of these trade shows is to get your brand out there and let people know that you exist. That’s why the first impression is so important. More information like this.

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