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If you’re a boat, er, or trailer, you’ll need a trailer hitch. It’s not every trailer hitch is similar, which is why it’s important to conduct an investigation to determine if your trailer hitches that you’re thinking about will suit the purpose you’re looking to pull. Read on to discover the most common kinds of trailer hitches to help pick the right one for you.

The first kind of trailer hitches are Class one trailer hitches. They can have a max net trailer capacity of 2,000 pounds and are commonly found on compact or small-sized vehicles.

The other type of trailer hitch is called a class 2 trailer hitch. The maximum trailer weight for hitches in class 2 is 35,000 They are usually utilized with smaller vehicles and light SUVs.

A trailer hitch of class 3 can be described as the 3rd. With this kind of hitch the maximum gross weight limit is 8,000lbs. These are typically found in full-size cars, such as big cars and pickup trucks. As far as what they are able to tow can tow, they’re ideal for family pop-up campers or boats.

To find out more about the various types of trailer hitches, watch the above video!


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