How to Not be Afraid of the Dentist – Bright Healthcare

the dentist. Whatever procedure it was it was, your dentist will be there to assist you. Going to the dentist was nerve-wracking and for some it’s still an unpleasant and frightening experience. This video Sharonne talks about how to get over your fear of going to the dentist.

In this clip, Sharonne talks about how the victims of trauma might also experience anxious at the dentist due to the fact that they are in a similarly difficult situation. The anxiety could lead to poor dental hygiene as well as patients who do not clean their teeth or flossing regularly. Sharonne talks to dentists about how important it is to listen and taking care of the needs of patients. The patient with anxiety is an excellent example. This requires a little more work, but it does necessitate a certain amount of community. This can make all the difference. The other hand Patients should be able to speak up for themselves and their needs. Patients should communicate any anxiety they feel. Dental professionals are generally concerned and are willing to be accommodating.


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