How to Make a Product Stand Out With Great Packaging

One of the best ways to have your product stand out in the market is to have great packaging. Whether it’s more environmentally friendly, unique, or just downright fun, having a great package design can really affect the overall sales of your products. While you want to, of course, focus heavily on the quality of your product, you might also want to think about that overlooked piece of the puzzle: your packaging!

Think about different kinds of packaging

Depending on the product, there are many different packaging options available including clam packaging, safety glasses cases, small utility boxes, and even thermoformed packaging. There are benefits to each of these kinds of packaging, which makes them better for certain kind of products over others. For example, clamshell packaging is great for companies selling nails, screws, and other small hardware pieces. What makes clam packaging one of the best around is that doesn’t require cutting or tearing, and is easy to open with one hand. Aside from that, the Click it Clam is also environmentally friendly and uses less plastic. You should consider packaging materials when thinking of customizable packaging solutions/options.

Design can make a difference

If you’re selling a food or beverage, choosing an interesting design for a product can help make it stand out among other similar products. For example, an interesting soda or juice bottle can make a consumer look at your product over the others and boost sales. The same goes for other products such as hardware pieces, beads, and etc. Design is definitely a great tool when it comes to customizable packaging solutions/options.

Think about practicality

When it comes to customizable packaging solutions/options, you also want to think about how the consumer will be using the product to determine which kinds of packaging would make the most sense to invest in. If you’re going to be packaging nails, then you’ll want to use a clam shell package because it allows for consumers to open the package without having small pieces fly everywhere, and is also a great option for reopening and closing.

What ideas do you have for customizable packaging solutions/options? Let us know in the comments below!

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