How to Lower the Amount of Packaging Waste On Earth

Industrial packaging

A plastic packaging company has a big responsibility to make sure that there are plenty of things that they are doing to ensure that their products are not wasting their resources. Between specialty packaging and custom plastic bottles wholesale packaging, there are a lot of ways that they can end up wasting the packaging. This also means that there are a lot of ways that they can save it. Even so, there are some things that you could be doing as well. Each person has a responsibility to make sure they are doing what they can for the environment. It’s not all up to a plastic packaging company. Here are a few ways that your home or business could reduce packaging waste.

Reuse and Recycle
This has to be the first option of course. The best way to reduce your waste is to is try and make sure that you are recycling as much as possible. Paper, plastic bags, string, wrapping paper, plastic bottles, cans and other things like this are the most obvious choices for recycling. Even so, keep looking around and see if there are other things that you can recycle. Teaching children or others in your household how to recycle can be very helpful as well.

Buy in Bulk
If you buy smaller packs of stuff, they are all going to be individually wrapped. This means more waste. Buying in bulk means that there is a bigger bag of the same thing. If it’s something that you buy often, not only are you lowering the waste factor but you will also be saving yourself money. Just make sure that it’s not a product that is going to go bad before you can use it otherwise you’ll be entering the food waste zone.

Carry Your Own Bags
If you don’t use the plastic bags that grocery stores and retail stores offer, then you won’t be bringing home the waste. Purchase reusable cloth bags for your items. This makes your things easier to carry and eliminates a lot of waste. Plastic bags can be reused for trash cans and in place of tissue paper for gifts and for various crafts and things like that if you do happen to have to use them. Even so, it’s best to try and avoid the need for them at all costs. Keeping your reusable bags in your car will help you not to forget them when you leave the house to go shopping.

Buy Loose Products
Not all products are packaged. Fruits and vegetables are good examples of loose products. When possible, try buying these types of things. The truth is, even if you put them in the little bags, you’ll end up taking them out of the bags at home anyway. The only place you will end up using them is in the store itself and isn’t that what your cart is for? If you are buying a lot of vegetables, you might try putting them all in one bag so they don’t roll around in the cart but don’t use a separate bag for each vegetable and fruit that you buy. It is excessive and unnecessary.

Opt for Less Packaging
If you need to buy something that has packaging on it like bread or beans or cereal, try picking the brand that has less packaging. For example, buy cereal that is bagged instead of the kind that is bagged as well as boxed. It eliminates a whole layer of

Avoid All Bottled Water
Bottled water is literally packaging waste in and of itself. Drinking tap water or using the five gallon water dispensers are far better options when getting drinking water for your family.

Most packaging materials are going to be made out of paper, glass, plastic and aluminum. Some are made of steel and fiber board. The biggest industry that uses packaging is the food industry. It’s a huge global business. Unfortunately, most packaging is not recycled. Granted, not every plastic packaging company dumps their packaging is landfills or burns it but a lot do and this creates a lot of pollution. Do what you can to help out the environment and the plastic packaging company that is really trying to right by the earth and its residents.

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