How To Get The Right Heating Equipment

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Chances are you’ve seen heating equipment around all your life, but never known much about what it means or how it works. Yet, from the ovens we cook with to the breweries that produce our beer, to the heating elements used in industrial equipment like rectangular melters and propane burners, our entire society benefits from the multitude of heating equipment that is available on the market. Here’s a look at some of the businesses and causes that benefit the most from heating equipment.


Beer breweries rely heavily on heating equipment to produce their delicious wares. From rectangular melters that bring the ovens up to temperature, to propane pipe burners that stoke the fires of the heating process, beer brewing is a heat-oriented process that requires constant technological improvements.


With over 2,800 commercial bakeries in the United States and 6,00 retail bakeries, the ovens have to be working day and night to satisfy America’s lust for baked goods. Gas pipe burners, round melters and a lead melting pot are all among the forms of heating equipment that might be used here. When you’re pumping out the muffins and croissants at top volume, everything has to be working perfectly. Bakeries partner with heating companies, sometimes before they even have a physical space, to make sure that everything is up to code and that their operation is ideally suited for the work at hand.

Commercial Ovens

A recent survey demonstrated that 95% of commercial operations report using at least one type of oven. Of these, about 60% are powered by natural gas, and almost all the rest are electric ovens. One might find a kettle heating burner, rectangular melters, or a ribbon burner associated with these types of ovens.


Having the right heating equipment is crucial to many different things we do, ranging from cooking food to brewing beer. Knowing more information about heating will enable you to make better choices in how you rely on such equipment.

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