How to Find the Best Version of Yourself

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Sometimes we just need a change in our lives but it’s almost impossible to figure out how to do it. Once we’ve created habits, it’s difficult to really get over them and begin new ones; ones that are positive, behavioral changes that are monumental in your life. This is where a personal life coach can come in and really make a difference for you. Spiritual life coaches are there to help you through major changes that you can’t figure out on your own.

What is a life coach?
A spiritual life coach basically points you in the right direction to help you change your life around. This is done by accessing a deeper level. Sometimes you have to look further than simply your habits and behavior or even goals in life. A spiritual life coach will help you to dive into your subconscious and even any connection to a higher power. They can offer relationship help as well as checking up on your spiritual health.

Genuine coaches are very spiritual people that live by those kinds of principles instead of the day to day logic and societal expectations. They make miracles happen for themselves and don’t settle for less than the exact thing that they want. Their whole goal in life is to make other people happy. They want everyone to have a fulfilling life full of everything they ever wanted.

How do I grow spiritually?
While a spiritual life coach can guide you and help you, ultimately it is up to you to stop playing the victim and begin to take some responsibility of your own life and decisions. This might sound negative but it is quite the opposite. Being able to be in charge of your own life helps you to block out the bad influences, negativity and judgmental people that may surround you. The things that you pay attention to and prioritize are what is going to shape your life.

In order to grow spiritually, you need to be able to talk to someone. If you are struggling and feel like there is no one around that you can confide in, whether it’s because you can’t trust anyone or you are afraid of being judged, a life coach will have no such barriers. You can talk to them in a private and safe place. In fact, you should. The only way you’ll be able to grow and blossom spiritually is to open up to your spiritual life coach on a regular basis.

What if I feel stuck?
Feeling stuck in a certain area of your life is a common thing. Being too involved in your own life’s drama and chaos can cause you not to be able to see things properly. Often, when things turn sour in our life, we tend to want to blame God or the universe or whatever entity that you believe in. Basically, anyone but yourself. This is when you feel stuck. In order to get out of that place, you have to realize that even if someone or something else is to blame, they aren’t going to fix your problem. You have to fix your own problems.

Complaining and nagging out a situation but not actually looking for a solution or a way to fix it will just dig you into deeper depression, despair and negativity. Your coach will help you to get out of that hole and show you a better version of yourself, but you have to be willing to see it. If you really and truly believe that no one get help you, then there is nothing that anyone is going to be able to do for you.

What’s the difference between a life coach and a spiritual life coach?
Life coaching in and of itself is fantastic. It can help you to completely turn over a new leaf and reach goals that you’ve had for a very long time. However, sometimes, things like goals, dreams and relationships are only the surface. A spiritual life coach walks you through a completely different area of yourself. It is a deeper and sometimes subconscious levels of your entire being.

This is about trust. You need to be able to trust yourself and your coach.

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