How To Drape Yourself with Success for Your Next Event

Whether it is ceiling drapes for a wedding event, church backdrops for a congregational event, theater drapes for a performance or pipe and drape set up for a trade show event that can lead to the next big deal, choosing the right fabric and equipment can make your next event something to remember. If the old saying is right that the suit can make the man, then certainly the right material for your next big event can end up making the occasion.

Whatever your location, the space you’re using can be defined by the material your using. In a calendar year, nearly two and a half million people will get married in our country, and whether the ceremony takes place in a church (which surprising only occurs a third of the time) or at some other venue, its the white drapery for a wedding hanging in the reception hall that help us define the image of the wedding, as the ceiling drapes delineates the space of bride and groom as well as the guests. Churches serve their members with a multitude of events and no church stage would seem right without a church stage backdrop.

Pipe and drape can create privacy where there was none, by providing curtains for a dressing room or create a venue for a play through the use of theater draping. By definition these are special events which require using the right specialist to rent or purchase the material and equipment needed to define who you are and what you are trying to achieve. Literally, everything else will come under the ceiling drapes!

For the trade show merchant, pipe and drape— the bases, uprights, drape support and curtains— are what provides your booth with individuality and space to market your product or organization successfully. In surveys, just under a 100% of the market people interviewed agreed that they found value in trade show presentations that could not be duplicated in other various forums for marketing. Yet nearly 40% also found that the continuing increase in costs associated with these events were the primary difficulty they had to overcome in doing trade events. Ceiling drapes are not only found up high, so can their expenses. What is the answer to the problems?

Ultimately it is the professionals in the drape rental and installation industry that can provide the answers. From table skirt clips, poly satin drapes, upright pole covers to choosing the right wedding drapery fabric, they can have the expertise that planners, trade professionals and anyone tasked with making an important event a reality can rely on. Statistics indicate that over 130,000 individuals make their living from planning events and parties in the United States. They can turn to the professionals work with ceiling drapes or pipe and dream to make the space they need memorable and successful.

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