How to Design A Great Trade Show Booth


The purpose of your trade show booth is pretty obvious: to attract the attention of potential buyers in that sea of overwhelming one-upmanship that is the trade show. Your trade show booth design is essential to grabbing and holding attendees. CEIR estimates that 81% of attendees at trade shows have been invested with buying authority, and they’ll spend an average of nine hours wandering around the trade show floor: so the quality of your trade show booth design is not a small issue.

If you?re struggling with how to make your trade show display design stand out without putting off, here are a few factors worth considering well in advance.

Getting Help

Your area of expertise is likely whatever it is you?re selling: not trade show booth design. With that in mind, it?s probably best to get expert help either to design your own booth or to rent one.

A custom trade show booth renter or designer can analyze the show you?re headed to and help you make decision about booth size and shape. Should you go with a modular panel? Panelglide? An island booth? What will other trade show displays look like? What about placement?

Exhibition builders can probably recommend some trade show display designers to help you. It?s also worth asking friends in the industry if they have had a good experience with a particular designer or renter.

Keep it Short And Memorable

If you?re working on your own trade show booth design, or consulting with an expert, remember that you need a brief, but bold statement on your booth. Unless you work for a well-known brand name, just putting the name of your company is not going to be enough But too much information on the booth is as off-putting as too little. Try to create a statement that a reader can read and understand within three seconds. Make sure it communicates what you do or who you are so you attract the right attendees to your booth.

Keep the Photo Collection at Home

Think about the best billboards you?ve ever seen: the ones you remembered for a long time. They were almost certainly simple and they probably had just one eye-catching image. If you pack your booth with photos and images, attendees will likely not look at them. The booth looks busy and reminiscent of some craft show collage. Attendees are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed and turn somewhere else.

You?re not Seven Years Old

And neither are your attendees. Don?t overwhelm everything with lots of bright colors. That attracts children, but for adults it makes the trade show booth feel busy and may completely obscure your message.

Be Thoughtful

As you think about your trade show booth design, consider thoughtful ways of making it attractive. Provide charging stations for smartphones, some free wifi, or even just coffee. And when attendees stop in to recharge, don?t smack them around the head with a hard sales pitch. Instead, provide QR codes they can scan and materials they can pick up and read while they wait. Have someone nearby to talk if someone seems interested.

Attendees at a trade show are making decisions. 78% of them have traveled over 400 miles to reach you, and you have a golden opportunity: get their business through a face-to-face meeting at a trade show, and it costs you an average of $142. If you had to arrange a face-to-face at your office, the average coast soars to $259.

Since attendees are seeing so much and making so many decisions, it can be easy for them to feel overwhelmed by choice and a bombard of visual display. Your trade show booth design, if it attracts without overwhelming, can actually communicate how efficient and easy to work with you are.

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