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Incorporate commercial grade appliances to equip your kitchen, even in the event that you have an occasional dinner party for 20 people. If you’d like to have stunning, customized kitchens you don’t need to be a chef , or visit an interior design firm for commercial kitchens. Many real estate agents recommend against the “chef’s” kitchen layout since you won’t be able to recoup the expense of this fridge.

Insuring too much on appliances is a common error homeowners make when planning their ideal kitchen. It’s essential to have appliances that you are happy with and that you would use. But that isn’t a requirement to get a second mortgage to afford these appliances. Stick with trusted brands capable of getting your job done. Every appliance has an expected life period, meaning that regardless of the amount you make investments in appliances, they’ll eventually have replacement. In the case of appliances “eventually” is about 10-15 years regardless of the type of appliance and the cost.

There are a few other aspects you’re not going to do when you are creating a stunning custom kitchen. Avoid putting a pot hanger above the island. This is unpractical and must be avoidable. Do not go for the all-white kitchen. The latest trend to hit the horizon is white on white. Another “use to have” piece of kitchen equipment is the farmhouse or skirted sink. When making a decision on fixtures or appliances make sure you’ve done thorough research. It’s not a great choice to pay a huge amount now and then feel buyer’s regrets after a while.

Think about your pantry

A pantry is an important component of a gorgeous kitchen. It’s a fantastic area to store dry goods and ingredients and provide shelf places to place appliances away from the counter. A pantry never goes out of fashion, and it’s similar to a space within one. Discuss with the kitchen design experts about how to create the space for a pantry in your kitchen.

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