How To Care For Your Private Well

How to solve hard water problems

There are a number of sources of fresh drinking water for households across the United States. One popular method, used by around 15 million American households, is that of the private well. A private well has become an increasingly popular method of getting water for your home and your family, but it is important that your private well is well maintained. It is also important to look into the best way to treat well water if you are the owner of a private well. Discovering and implementing the best way to treat well water can help to maintain and insure the overall quality of the water that you’re using on a daily basis. Implementing the best way to treat well water can even considerably improve the taste of your drinking water as well.

It’s important namely that private wells produce an adequate amount of water, as each household in the United States can use, on average, nearly 90 gallons of water every single day. With rates of water usage so high, a private well must produce water at a rate of at least five gallons per every minute in order to keep up with the demand for water. It’s no surprise that water scarcity is a growing problem that affects nearly half of all the people in the world. In the United States, many of us waste water without even knowing it. For instance, even just leaving the water running while we wash dishes can use up to ten gallons of water as well as burning a considerable amount of energy – enough to light a 60 watt light bulb for nearly a full day. Fortunately, this water loss can be prevented through more conscious efforts on the part of households across the country. Having your private well regularly serviced by the well company can also keep you vigilant for any leaks in your well, another main cause of water loss. A leaky well, after all, can waste as much as 900 billion gallons of water every single year in the United States alone.

It’s also important to consider the best way to treat well water, as the quality of your water is highly important. Without water treatment, water could become contaminated by pollutants like arsenic, which is a naturally occurring pollutant that originates in groundwater and affects water supplies in more than seventy countries around the world, affecting nearly 150 million people. The best way to treat well water can help to eliminate these contaminants and restore the safety of your drinking water. Finding the best way to treat well water is necessary in order to help prevent disease as well, as untreated and contaminated well water can spread bacteria that causes a number of unfortunate medical conditions, such as diarrhea. Though most of us do not consider diarrhea to be life threatening or even all that dangerous, it is a symptom that kills more than two million people around the world every single year. Thus, it is highly important to maintain the water purity of your drinking water to make sure that nothing harmful to exposed to your family.

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