How To Adjust Your Office Chair for Maximum Comfort

Ergonomic office stool

Well-adjusted quality office chairs result in healthier, more comfortable, and even more productive workers. But how can you know the best way to adjust your chair? The guidelines below will have you in ship shape in no time.

  • Elbow Measure – Sit as comfortably close to your desk as possible, with your upper arms parallel to your spine, and rest your hands on your work surface. If your elbows are not at a 90 degree angle, adjust your office chair height up or down.
  • Thigh Measure – Make sure you can easily slide your fingers under your thigh at the leading edge of the office chair. If it is too tight, you need to prop your feet up, but if there is more than a finger’s width, you need to raise the height of your chair.
  • Calf Measure- With your bottom pushed all the way back, you should be able to fit a tightly clenched fist between the back of your calf and the front of your chair. If that can’t be done, the chair is too deep, and you need to adjust the backrest forward or insert a lumbar support pillow for office chairs.
  • Low Back Support- Your bottom should be pressed against the back of your chair, and there should be a lumbar pillow insert or cushion that causes your lower back to arch slightly so that you don’t slump forward our slouch down in the chair as you tire. Ergonomic computer chairs are one of the best office chairs for back pain.
  • Resting Eye Level- Close your eyes while sitting comfortably and facing forward. When you open your eyes, your gaze should be directed at the center of your computer screen. If this is not the case, you should raise or lower the screen to reduce strain on the upper spine.
  • Armrest- Adjust the armrest of the office chair so that it just slightly lifts your arms at the shoulders. Using an armrest takes some of the strain off of your upper spine and shoulders, and make you less likely to slouch forward in your chair.

Ergonomic computer chairs are the best option to alleviate office discomfort, but you can’t just buy a new chair and be done with it. It’s important to take the time to adjust the chair to suit your body, so it can do the greatest amount of good. Ergonomic computer chairs are no help to the user, and indeed can do them harm, if they are adjusted for someone else.

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