How Proper Signage Can Raise Sales

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Though we don’t usually give them much conscious thought in our day to day lives, metal sign stands and other types of signage such as deli signs and display stands help to inform our shopping as well as our lifestyle decisions. Metal sign stands, though not technically a sign in and of themselves, are just as crucial, as they are what helps to hold up the sign and allow it to be seen by as many people as possible. Free standing sign holders and display racks are another way to adequately display signage around a store or shopping center, or even outside.

Indoor sign stands like metal sign stands are particularly effective in places like stores and shopping centers. In fact, the majority of all shoppers make the majority of their final shopping decisions in store. This means that even though they may research what they wish to purchase ahead of time, they can still be swayed by a signage in person. Even in this, what is commonly referred to as the digital age, the majority of people still prefer to make the actual purchases in person. The majority of shoppers will use their phones or other devices to look at potential purchases online, but nearly 80% of all consumers will make their actual purchase in a brick and mortar store.

Shopping in a brick and mortar store often to leads to what we call an impulse purchase. An impulse purchase describes the split second or last minute decision to make a purchase for an item that the shopper did not originally set out to buy. Shoppers are much more likely to make these kinds of purchase decisions while shopping for products and goods in person, and around 6 out of every ten purchases made can be classified as impulse purchases.

Signs held up by metal sign stands or other like products also help to sell products more than those without any signage. In fact, they even help to sell products and goods that are full price and have not been marked down at all. Stores that had appropriate signage saw sales rise by nearly 20% on full price items that were advertised in some way on a sign.

Though we don’t often think consciously of them, signs play an important role in influencing our shopping decisions. We are more likely to be convinced to buy a product if it has an appealing sign, and we make more impulse purchases.

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