How Product Labels Make Your Shopping Experience a Breeze

Pressure sensitive labels

Anyone who does the grocery shopping in their house knows that it can be a long and tedious process. From crowded aisles to long check-out lines, it isn’t always easy to maneuver around your local grocery store. One thing that can speed the process up quite a bit is knowing exactly what items you need and where they are in the store. A big part of locating these items is being able to easily identify their labels. Finding that box of Cheerios or bottle of Coca Cola that you buy every week is easy when you know what custom product labels to look for. Food packaging labels provide consumers with a number of important product details, but they also help create brand awareness to help customers identify their favorite products. One of the most popular types of commercial labels used by manufacturers is shrink sleeve labels.

What Are Shrink Sleeve Labels?

Shrink sleeve labels are a special type of label that shrink to fit the shape and size of a container. They are made out of polymer plastic film the is heat sensitive and can be cut to fit containers of any shape and any size. These types of labels are flexible in that they can be designed to cover the entire height of the container or only a portion of it. Either way, the label wraps around the body of the container, allowing for 360-degree coverage.

What Are the Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels?

Shrink sleeve labels have a number of benefits that make them a popular choice in the world of commercial labeling. First of all, they give marketers more room to include graphics and important brand information on their products to help build brand recognition and loyalty. The material also allows marketers to use vibrant colors in their design, making their products stand out on the shelves. Another great thing about thing about shrink sleeve labels is that they conform tightly to the body of the product, making it less likely for the label to be damaged during shipping and stocking. Finally, shrink sleeve labels can be designed to cover the caps of bottles or the tops of boxes to create a tamper-proof seal for customers.

As a versatile, safe and sleek type of label, shrink sleeves are one of the most popular choices when it comes to food labeling.

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