How Old Is the Sign on the Outside of Your Business?

This is the time of the year when outdoor signs earn their keep. As cold shoppers are tempted to retreat to their car when the winds keep blowing, it is often the outdoor signs that will get someone’s attention and tempt them to visit just one more store before calling it a day.

Even in a time when digital media draws in so many customers and talking maps direct drivers, there are still plenty of reasons why outdoor signs matter. Signaling as landmarks, as well as advertising, outdoor custom sign designs are often the best way to make sure that your company connects with the customers who will make your business a success.

New Sign Installation Helps a Business Attract Additional Customers

Although you have an updated website and daily posts of organic content, it is important to make sure that you also have the tried and true outdoor sign on your building. For even though the maps on your customers’ phones and cars will get your clients and customers close to your store, office, or business, they often need a visual clue to find your exact location. The latest research indicates that 60% of consumers have reported that a lack of signage prevented them from entering a business. In a crowded strip mall, for instance, if your store does not have a recognizable sign on the outside of your building you might lose a customer to comparison.

In comparison, marketing experts indicate that signage is an advertising and branding tool that generates an additional 75% to a business’s customer base and referrals. Given that 85% of a company’s customers live within a five mile radius of the business, it makes sense that these signs imprint themselves in the memories of traffic that passes your location on a daily basis. Those customers who live closest to a business, in fact, are likely to see the the signage 50 or more times a week.

No matter what time of the year it is, business signs matter. Winter time, however, is a time when outdoor signs can serve as a motivator to encourage customers to stay on the course and make it to at least one more store before calling it a day.

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