How Many Trade Shows Does Your Business Attend in a Year?

Exhibit rentals

The third time’s a charm.
At least that is what you are hoping.
After two failed attempts at entering the trade show world, you think that you have it all together this time.
The first time that you and your writing coach partner planned to attend the home school educator’s conference, you missed the deadline. Incorrectly thinking the conference would be held before the start of the new school year, you missed the registration deadline all together.
The second year you got yourself registered, but misunderstood the registration fee you paid could have included putting inserts about your company into the conference gift bags that everyone receives when they arrive. Thees gift bag inserts, of course, could have meant that everyone who attended the conference, even if they dod not stop at your table, would have a copy of your business card. The other missed opportunity at the second attempt was having your name printed in the program as one of the vendors. this was a mistake made by the event organizers and, as a result, ended up providing you a free registration to this, the third attempt, that you would be making at your entry into the trade show world.
You certainly hope that this third time is a charm!
Trade Show Booth Designs Can Help Your Company Explain Its Product or Service
Making the reservations and securing space, of course, are only the beginning steps to preparing for a successful trade show. Successful events also include careful attention to custom exhibits to be used in conjunction with overall trade show booth designs. Paying attention to these Five Tips for Trade Show Booth Designs can make your next trade show visit the best one yet:
Create height for your booth. Trade show visitors tend to start an event with a detailed plan for how they will navigate the maze of tables and displays. Obviously though these plans are often derailed. As the day goes on and the visitors begin to lose focus, it is important to have three different kinds of visuals to catch the attention of the crowd: high range, medium range, and short range. For a high range visual, even a colorful, but inexpensive balloon display can catch the eye of someone who is looking for the next place to visit.
Get outside of the booth. Even if sales is not your thing, on the day of the trade show it is important to put yourself out there. It is easy for a potential client to walk by a trade show exhibit design if no one from the booth makes eye contact. If however, the exhibitor steps outside of the booth and stands in front of the table, the potential customer is more likely to stop and see what a booth is all about.
Keep conversations short. It is fine to talk to a customer at length if the customer initiated the conversation and if no one else is waiting. Talking at length to one customer while you ignore a string of other potential leads simply does not make sense though. Your goal should be to talk to as many people as possible. Collecting contact information when you first start a conversation can allow you to end the talking with a business card and the invitation for a phone call so that you can make sure you are not ignoring the next potential customer. Typically, there are 2.2 trade show visitors for every 100 square feet of exhibit space on average in the America. Make sure you are initiating contact with your fair share.
Provide a unique or useful gift. Pens that double as stylus, t-shirts, and other gifts can serve as a reminder of your company long after the trade show has ended. Trade show booth designs in some of the most popular locations like Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando may lend themselves toward themed gift ideas. Perhaps playing cards at a trade show in Vegas, for example.
Follow up with new contacts. Once the exhibit rentals have been returned and you are back in the office, do not forget the potential clients, customers, and peers that you made contact with. An email or a phone call that revisits past of a trade show conversation can be especially productive.

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