How Many T-Shirts Do You Have in Your Closet?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while you cannot wait to gather around a table filled with turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and other family favorites, you are also looking forward to planning for next summer’s family reunion. Scheduled every three years, these family reunions held in the summer have become many people’s favorite gathering. This year, in fact, you are going to have family reunion shirts made. Part of the Thanksgiving gathering will actually include making the final decisions about the color and the design of the family reunion shirts.

Perhaps because of the connections that people find through today’s social media platforms there are a growing number of families who are gathering in person, in addition to online.

Many Families and Groups Plan Shirts to Commemorate Special Events

From family reunions to marathons, there are many times when groups design custom shirts for events. Whether they are a gift after registration or ordered on an individual basis, there are few things that can help gather support for an event like custom t-shirts. Fortunately, there are a number of t-shirt screen printing companies that can help all of these groups create a shirt that would last long after the event is over.

If you have drawers and closets that overflowing with your own favorite t-shirts then you will not be surprised to know that there are two billion t-shirts sold every year around the world. And while screen printing may be the most popular production method, there are also a growing number of people who are looking at other options as well. In fact, any recent search for “custom embroidered t-shirts” on Etsy will reveal more than 15,000 results. Middle school show choirs, college tour guides, and many other groups realize that there are a number of ways to promote their efforts, but few are as popular as a nicely embroidered shirt.

One advantage that screen printing has over embroidery creations is that the screen printing varieties are more affordable, especially for very small orders. In addition, these screen printed shirts can often be completed on a much shorter time frame.

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