How Is a Bail Amount Determined? – FNBWB

In order to avoid being in prison past your court date, you must pay the bail amount during your bail hearing. What are the criteria for bail? Learn more about it here.

Bail is one of the most misunderstood method in the criminal justice system. While there’s a lot of discussions about bail rates, it is generally not necessarily the case that the higher the bail sum, the greater chances that someone will be at court.

There are many factors that play into the way bail amount is determined. Bail amount will be set to ensure that the defendants show up in court on their case.

What factors are considered when how much bail is decided? For setting bail judges and clerks are looking at the financial circumstances of the individual as well as their criminal record, mental health, and ties to their communities. This is why some times lower bails may be allowed in complicated cases. Importantly, the bail amount is not a factor in sentencing.

Take a look at the video and learn how bail amounts are calculated!


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