How Inplant Offices are Changing the Way We Do Business

Many businesses that we see these days in cities and beyond made their home in giant skyscrapers and buildings that require vast amounts of land. What happens if you are a business that wants to save on costs but still have the unique experience of owning a business where people can visit and announce that they feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Many people are now looking at the modular office, or inplant offices, which are both small and compact but also useful and cost-saving in many ways. For business owners who want to simply “plant” an office onto land, decorate, and build their marketing and voice, these offices are an option for the smallest startups to those who are well-established and looking to save on costs.

How Modular Options Are Changing Business

Many types of modular offices, including the famous inplant office, are becoming popular options for the business owner who wants anything from a permanent warehouse office foundation to a portable office wall that they can take anywhere for temporary jobs. Because of this, there are two types of offices that you see advertised, permanent and relocatable offices.

Many types of businesses are investing in inplant offices for their every need. For example, Marriott International decided that they are going to switch to modular offices, developing 13% of their business into modular units by 2017. Not only does it save on costs, but it is known to be an environmental option as well. Reports have shown that going modular can reduce construction cost by 9% to 20%. Another report showed that modular construction can reduce waste materials by up to 90%. This includes products such as cement, bricks, concrete, shrink wrap, and more.

If you are looking for the best option for your business, you can’t go wrong when you choose modular. Modular homes lead to faster construction building while maintaining that same quality you would get with expensive building choices of the past. Next time your business ventures are calling for new and innovative options, consider modular choices that will extend upon the livelihood of your business for time to come.

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