How Home Automation Systems Provide Security and Peace of Mind

Security cameras

When it comes to home security, automation makes all the difference. Home automation systems can include alarms, round-the-clock monitoring systems that will inform police and emergency services if necessary, and outdoor security cameras. Home security alarm systems make your home safer in a number of ways. They can also add to the value of a home for sale.

An insecure world
People over the ages of forty or fifty remember when the world was a much safer place. Kids could play outside unsupervised, neighbors knew and trusted one another, and home alarm systems were unheard of except for eccentric millionaires. Not any more. Break-ins, burglaries and violent crime are all on the rise, raising safety concerns for families with kids and older people and women living alone.
The statistics are not comforting. The total number home intrusions in the U.S. hovers at around 2.5 million, and losses from property crimes of various kinds were around $16.6 billion annually, as of 2013. In an insecure world, home alarm systems with the latest technology can help to keep families safer.

Safety solutions with home alarm systems
Not only are there more crimes being committed, the bad guys seem to be getting away with it. Local police forces are stretched and only about 13% of all burglary cases are solved. Another problem that contribute to the lack of convictions is the paucity of witnesses and evidence. Installing home automation systems for security work across multiple fronts to make homes safer.
First of all, they deter break-ins and burglaries by their mere presence. Burglars know to avoid homes with installed home security systems and security cameras. Most burglars are not professional criminals, and they prefer to turn their attention to homes without security. In fact, homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into.

How home security systems work
Home automation systems also include monitoring and video surveillance systems. In case a break in does happen, a 24/7 alarm system will contact the local police department to investigate. Wireless alarm systems based on the latest technology are much more affordable, easy to install and maintain, and efficient. They can cut down on emergency response times well by contacting local authorities directly.

Remote monitoring of indoor and outdoor spaces can help parents who have to leave kids with sitters for long hours. Even when the parents are at home, outdoors cameras will show anyone outside the home.

Peace of mind at an affordable price
Home automation systems provide peace of mind. Police departments and even insurance companies recognize the value of home automation systems for improving home security. Many insurance companies will give customers sizable discounts, up to 20%, if they have home security systems.
In fact, adding a home automation system also adds to the value of your home, if you are planning to sell. And as a bonus, it keeps your home safer throughout the sale process.

New wireless home automation systems and surveillance can help protect families and homes. More affordable than ever, they provide safety and peace of mind,

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