How Furthering Education Can Help Individuals Seeking a Career in Growing Fields

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Nowadays, it is common for individuals to struggle with finding a career path that is lucrative and something they will enjoy. Everyone, from adults to teenagers finds it difficult to know what types of fields are in demand, and what to get trained in. For individuals living and seeking employment in Shasta county, those who have gone and furthered their education are likely to find more jobs than those who have not. Here are three fields that individuals living within the area should consider either getting certified in, or earning degrees, as a means to increase their ability of finding a job in Shasta County.

Fields Related to Sciences and Math Are Experiencing More Growth Than Ever Before

Over 65% of the jobs that will be experiencing an increase in growth are those that are related to the STEM field. This stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These professions often require bachelor degrees, and sometimes even graduate degrees. Individuals can find career opportunities in the form of teaching at all levels, including within colleges and universities. Many employers within the area have stated that they are interested in finding job seekers who have some form of advanced education beyond high school. Jobs in Shasta county are varied in terms of what is offered, but those who dedicate the time to learning one of these fields will find many different employers who are interested in hiring a qualified and educated worker. By pursuing an advanced education, those who are engaged in a job search may find they do not have to wait as long as others who are without employment, since companies often have problems finding enough qualified individuals for these fields.

Health Care Has Grown More in Demand, Both in California and in Shasta County Itself

As health care grows and expands, those who are looking for jobs may find it easier to break into fields by working as a nurse or a home health aide. Individuals who work in these fields will notice an increase in growth as the years progress, and jobs related to taking care of others, either in a home or hospital setting, will find many different types of employment opportunities. These could range from private employment by working directly for an individual as their home health aide, or it could be working as a nurse for a hospital or nursing home. For the past seven years, over 2,000 new jobs that were related to health care within Shasta county has grown with each passing year. Usually there is a shortage of workers, since these positions often need workers who will provide round-the-clock care, so those who have obtained certifications or degrees related to working within a health care setting will find an easier time gaining new job opportunities within the county. Nursing and home health care workers need certifications at a minimum, and degrees that could range from bachelor to advanced to pursue the most lucrative jobs.

Furthering One?s Education Will Make It Easier to Find Multiple Opportunities at the Same Time

Those who have obtained additional education will find it easier to court many different jobs, since they can apply at several companies at the same time, and then pick which opportunities offer the best pay and benefits, based on various job offers they might receive. Individuals can see what job fairs have to offer, or apply separately to companies or locations that they believe they would like to work at. The more advanced education one has, the easier it will be to try their luck at different companies.

There are many reasons why it pays to increase one?s education in fields that always need workers. Fields that require STEM skills are usually looking for workers with advanced skills. The more advanced skills and education one has, the easier it is to break in to the field. Those who have advanced education can often apply to several companies at the same time, to increase the likelihood of getting hired. And finally, individuals who choose to work within the health care field can easily find jobs the more advanced their education is, from working in home health care, to having an advanced degree in nursing.

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