How Fire Protection Service Companies Protect Businesses and Save Lives

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Every year there are an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries related to hotel and motel fires and an estimated $76 million in property losses. A fire can devastate more than just a business: it can destroy human lives. While our modern fire fighting system can effectively put a flame out, no one can prepare for a fire and there will always be loss unless people can be warned.

The Challenge of Fighting a Fire

Between 2006 and 2010, fire departments across the U.S. responded to an average of 6,240 structure fires in health care properties each year — many of those fires could have been prevented if the fire department was alerted in time. Four commercial properties account for half of high-rise fires: health care facilities, hotels, offices, and apartments. Of 119 businesses surveyed, only 35% had any kind of fire evacuation plan. Investing in a fire protection service company doesn’t just spare businesses the pain of property damage, it could save lives.

The Benefits of Fire Protection Services

Hiring a fire protection service company helps to add an extra level of insurance in the case of fires. The exact system needed depends largely on the type of business. Commercial areas that cook with large oven ranges have enjoyed a 96% success rate when using non-chemical suppression systems; chemical systems force the flame the stop burning once the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air dips below 20%. Commercial sprinklers were shown to operate as intended in 91% of all reported structure fires where they were present. Quick response sprinklers are more aggressive versions of sprinklers that have the capacity to release between eight and 24 gallons of water per minute; a fire hose releases 80-125 gallons per minute by comparison. When combined with sprinkler systems, commercial fire alarm monitoring services can help reduce loss of life, injury, and damages by at least 50% if not more. Don’t put your business or human lives at risk; invest in commercial fire protection services to stop the fire before it starts.

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