How Document Storage Companies Help Businesses Maintain Confidentiality

Onsite document shredding

While the technology changes, the need for document security and storage remains a constant. Particularly for the medical, legal and financial professions, the need for secure document storage and disposal is absolute, and governed by state anc federal regulations. Document storage companies that offer the latest technology in scanning, storage and shredding of confidential documents help businesses fulfill their obligations to clients and to remain fully compliant.

What’s new in secure document storage and disposal?
Despite all the hype, it’s not yet a paperless world. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 95% of all business information is still stored in paper documents. For many kinds of documents, such as doctor’s and health insurance records, which contain sensitive and confidential information, there are state and federal laws requiring comprehensive data-destruction plans.
Document safety includes both secure storage and secure disposal of confidential documents like medical, legal and financial records. Secure storage can include file scanning and imaging, and secure disposal can include shredding of documents as well as computer hard drive destruction. Document storage companies that provide all storage and disposal services can help businesses remain compliant and maintain client confidentiality.

Shredding for safety
With so much confidential information contained in paper documents, they’re an easy target for information theft. In fact, 90% of all identity theft cases involve real documents, and only 10% involve online information theft. According to the FBI, the cost of information theft for U.S. businesses adds up to around $ 24 billion a year.
Shredding paper records is an important step in keeping confidential information secure. It also helps to save space, since paper is a notorious space hog in all its forms. Getting rid of excess paper also reduces the risk of fires. Secure shredding services can handle large quantities of paper, and will frequently work on site, eliminating the need for packing and moving confidential documents.

Recycle and reuse
In this environmentally-conscious age, there’s one more step in disposing of paper documents: recycle. Shred and recycle is the secure and ecofriendly choice. Paper documents go from security risk to recycled ecofriendly products.
The process of making paper from recycled paper is much less polluting than making virgin paper, according to the EPA. Recycling paper instead of making it from new raw materials reduces air pollution by 74% and water pollution by 36%. Also according to the EPA, about 80% percent of U.S. paper mills are already designed to recycle paper, including shredded paper from paper shredding services.

Document storage companies help businesses maintain the confidentiality of their records. On site shredding services add another layer of security. By taking the process of document disposal one step further and recycling shredded paper, they also help businesses to become more ecofriendly.

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