How are 6 million pounds of electronics recycled? – Technology Magazine

is one of the large recyclers of electronic devices within the United States and they use numerous industrial shredders of varying sizes to recycle as much as six million pounds worth of electronic equipment every month. Their metal recycling process They recycle electronic debris that they receive mostly comes from workplace equipment such as laptops and computersand mobile phones.

They strive to reuse and recycle the materials before resorting to recycling. At first, the scale will be utilized to measure the weight of the object and then it is tagged by a number. Reuse the one while recycling the other. This is how the facility for recycling was created.

On the “reuse” side you can manually eliminate all of the electrical parts inside like processors, motherboards and displays. They clean the parts as well as verify their functioning before they are sent back to the inventory area for sale. Big hard drives pulled from computers or servers are handled behind a higher secured area, with access restricted. These hard drives are wiped of all data prior to being then resold.

Electronics that cannot be recycled can be reused at the metal and electronics recycling facilities. First step is “de-manufacturing” and this includes “de-packaging” and removing hazardous materials. These hazardous substances must be removed prior to the electronics head to the shredder since toxic substances can be exploding or cause harm to the environment.


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