How a Scrolling Marquee Sign Can Help Your Business

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Small businesses are always looking for unique ways to attract customers to their business. They are also always looking for ways to gain customer loyalty from their local customers. Local customers are very important to a business?s success. These are the customers who will visit the store frequently and will continue to visit the business, even when they are busy. Local marketing can include things like, offering discounts and coupons, providing local community outreach and promoting specific event nights to promote products, services and the business. Although all of these marketing efforts can be successful and increase the customer base, it can be difficult to promote these special events to customers who have never been into your business.

71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined). Although these roadside billboards seem to be effective, it is not always practical for a small business to put up a roadside billboard on the freeway. Potential customers are already on the freeway and are already away from the business. What if you could provide the same type of marketing, but in the front of your business? Potential customers driving by would be forced to look at the sign, and if they were interested, they could simply pull into the business or turn around to visit it. The scrolling marquee sign is a great way to raise customer awareness to local potential customers.

58% of poll respondents 18 years or older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard. Additionally, 58% of poll respondents learned about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while in their car. A scrolling marquee sign is a great way to provide additional information about a business, an event or a promotional offer. Regular LED marquee signs may be helpful in creating business awareness with local potential customers, but the spacing is often limited. Regular LED business signs do not provide you with enough spacing to include necessary information about a business, such as hours, event dates and the other specifics of the promotional event.

A scroll marquee sign can be used for a variety of offers. Some of them may be for the purpose of creating additional customer awareness and to bring potential customers into a business. A scrolling marquee sign can also be used for municipal signs. They are a great way to encourage tourists to stop and visit a specific city. Tourists increase cities awareness and can provide additional funds to the city for improvements. The scrolling marquee can also notify residents of a specific city of changes in the city. An example of this would be for construction projects. The scrolling marquee can provide residents with the expected begin and end dates of a construction project, allowing them to plan alternate travel plans. They can also notify residents of city events, like voting dates and locations.

A scrolling marquee sign can also be beneficial for businesses like churches and youth clubs. A church marquee notifies the city?s residents of their location. It may also notify any non members of the city of the details of church events that are coming up. Many churches rely on these events for funding for the church. The marquee signs can bring in additional participants, which provide the church with additional funding. Commercial business signs for youth clubs can promote the club by encouraging additional members to join and by notifying the city of events the children may be putting on.

Signs are a great way for businesses and clubs to promote their business and to notify residents of events. Some LED signs may be limited on the amount of space, not allowing you to include all of the necessary information about an event. A scrolling marquee sign is a great way to provide all of the necessary information and to really grab the attention of people who are driving or walking by the sign.

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