Homes And Parks The Benefits Of Recycled Plastic For Your Decorative Needs

In the United States, American workers and builders, quite frankly, build things. It seems like quite the simple statement, correct? Essentially, in order to decorate places and homes throughout the United States, you need a construction worker or contractor. These men and women can build benches and other items that find their home in countless parks. These men and women can also build decks, wrap around porches, and garden furniture. Additionally, some of these items are essential. With these additions to parks and homes, you’ll see beauty, practicality, and necessity everywhere. If you’re in any parks and recreation departments, or you’re a homeowner who desires an add-on, here is the type of lumber you should consider.

Recycled Plastic Lumber

To begin, various forms of plastic, such as vinyl, polystyrene, phenolic, and polyester were created in the early 1900s. These forms of plastic were utilized to build countless items for Americans all around the United States. Since then, the global production of plastics has grown astronomically. Yes, plastic is typically everywhere!

Recycled plastic lumber is basically what it sounds like. It’s lumber (wood-esque material) that is made out of recycled or recovered plastic. Recycled plastic lumber is used mainly for playground equipment, decks for homes, and it’s used in the landscaping industry. However, recycled plastic lumber cannot be utilized for structural purposes.

There are various benefits to using recycled plastic lumber for your park’s playground system, and for decks. The first benefit is the fact that recycled plastic wood is durable. What this means is that, when used for a deck it will not splinter off or crack along the wood. This is because plastic wood is non porous, it is water resistant (as well as chemical resistant), and insect resistant. If you want a deck for your home this is the ideal lumber for you! Say goodbye to possible splinters, and insects trying to create homes in your deck.

It is important to note that the durability of recycled plastic lumber is also beneficial to playground equipment. The mere fact that plastic does not splinter means that it’s safe for children to use. Additionally, since recycled plastic lumber is insect resistant, parents of children will not have to worry about insects such as bees, possibly harming their child. If you want your park to be child safe, recycled plastic lumber is ideal.

Another benefit of recycled plastic lumber is maintenance. Wood decks require a countless amount of maintenance. They can be tricky to clean, sometimes areas of it will have to be replaced, and you have to pay to have to painted, stained, or sealed. Plastic lumber is easy to maintain. You do not need to pay for it to be painted, stained, or sealed. More importantly, you deck will get clean with a simple squirt of a hose.

The next benefit of recycled plastic wood is a somewhat obvious one. Using recycled materials is good for the environment. Recycled plastic wood can be used many, many times. Therefore, this decrease the amount of plastic in landfills. You’ll surely want to use environmentally friendly materials!

The last benefit of recycled plastic lumber is the simple fact that it has commercial-grade strength. Commercial-grade strength means that recycled plastic lumber can withstand many things. Yes, it’s that strong! With commercial-grade strength, your deck or playground equipment will be able to withstand even the harshest of weather- from snowstorms, to hurricanes, to powerful windstorms. If you desire a product that will not become damaged easily, recycled plastic lumber is ideal for you!

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