Hiring a Document Shredding Company

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There are various ways you can rid your company of sensitive documents. You can just throw them away and hope for the best, you can shred them in house, or you can hire a document shredding company to do the work for you. It is very important to keep personal and business information secure, safe, and confidential through paper shredding. Shredding paper can reduce the risk of fires since there is less paper around as well as save valuable office space.

Document shredding services will come in and shred your files or shred your files offsite. Some businesses may prefer to hire a document shredding company to shred onsite so they know what is actually happening to their files. This saves companies time and money because they will not need to hire someone to shred files all day. They also will not lose a worker in order to send him shredding files when he could be working. Instead they can hire an onsite document shredding company to come and take care of it. Document shredding services are secure shredding services.

A few facts about the uses of paper:

* Paper is the most common material in solid waste around the world
* The U.S. consumes 80 million tons of paper each year
* 95% of business information is still stored on paper
* The EPA shows that recycling paper causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than making fresh paper from trees
* The EPA states that 80% of paper in paper mills in the U.S. are designed to use shredded and recycled paper from paper shredding services

Online exchanges stand for less than 10% of identity theft cases. The other 90% of identity theft cases is due to not shredding secure documents. Not only should businesses hire a document shredding company but residential households can also hire a document shredding company to come and shred their sensitive material. According to the FBI, information theft costs American businesses almost 24 billion each year. The most important businesses and companies that need to have a comprehensive data destruction plan in place are doctors and health insurance providers. They are legally required to hire a document shredding company through state and federal laws since patient and client information is so sensitive. Helpful sites: www.sharkshredding.com

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