Here are 3 Items That Need to Be Stored in a Medical Freezer

One important piece of equipment that should be found in any medical lab is a medical freezer. A medical grade freezer should be located in any medical lab because it is used to store vital medical supplies at the proper temperature and make sure that they don’t spoil, which would make them impossible to use. This article is going to look at three important items that need to be stored in a medical freezer.

  • Storing Vaccines: One of the most important items that needs to be stored in a medical freezer (or a medical refrigerator as necessary) are vaccines. Vaccines prevent over 2 million unnecessary deaths every year, so they need to be properly stored to prevent them from going bad and becoming useless. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, frozen vaccines should be stored between -58 degrees and -5 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature requirements often lead to labs setting aside a stand alone freezer for vaccines because the temperature requirements for vaccines are often different from other medicines and supplies.
  • Storing Insulin: Another important item that needs to be stored in cold temperatures is insulin. Insulin is a medicine for diabetes that must be stored at cold temperatures to remain effective (similar to vaccines). It can be kept at room temperature for about a month, but any longer and it becomes at risk of spoiling and becoming useless.
  • Select Medications: A third item that needs to be stored in cold temperatures in medical freezers are select medications. These are far less common than vaccines or even insulin, but a few of them do exist and need to be stored this way in order to be kept effective. This includes several nasal drugs and suppositories. It should be noted that most medications that need to be kept cold have to be refrigerated instead of being frozen.

In conclusion, there are several items that need to be stored in medical refrigerators and freezers. These include important vaccines, insulin for helping with diabetes, and select medications that are required to be frozen in order to remain effective. There are more medical items that need to be kept frozen than what’s listed here, but this gives you an idea of how important medical freezers are.

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