Have You Ever Heard of Hall Effect Current Sensors? – Mac OS X Power Tools

What Hall effects current sensor can do and how they operate. Magnetic sensors are solid-state electronics which are becoming popular because of their adaptability and versatility across a variety of applications.

Current sensors with Hall effects provide a wonderful illustration of a magnetic sensor which has recently gained attention. Edwin Hall made his discovery in 1870s. It is believed that the Hall effect is a phenomena whereby a magnetic field creates a voltage.

The fundamental component of an Hall effect detector is a small piece of rectangular, p-type semiconductor material. The magnetic flux lines create an force on the substance, which triggers the charged carriers, including holes and electrons, to deflect to either side of the slab of semiconductors upon placing the device inside an electromagnetic field.

The accumulation of charge carriers causes some sort of potential gap between 2 sides in the material. The potential for this difference is created due to the way in which sideways move electrons or holes. 693o6eoepg.

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