Have You Considered Investing in Gold?

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Stability. It is what wise investors turn to in both times of turmoil, and times of financial growth. While buying gold and other precious metals is an unfamiliar investment opportunity to many people, a growing number of investors consider precious metals a “prudent and accessible investment vehicle.” Gold bar purchases provide buyers with “safe haven” assets that help shelter investors from tail-risk. If you are looking for financial insurance and a different personal investment choice, gold bar and other precious metal purchases may provide the stability you are looking for.

Gold and silver investing plans start with a wealth management company that provides security as well as competitive prices. The best wealth management institutions provide clients with an all-encompassing solution for investing in physical gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium. These services also provide customers the option to take personal possession of their precious metals or to store their metals in fully insured vaults located around the world. Investors who make the decision to buy gold bullion benefit from competitive prices offered by a number of firms.

The majority, 80%, of gold bullion in circulation in American is in the form of the American Gold Eagle coin. It is the most traded coin in the world. Because it is produced by the U.S. mint and is a limited commodity, the value of the American Gold Eagle Coin increases as more and more investors become interested in the buying of gold and other precious metals.

In addition to the American Gold Eagle coin, gold can also be purchased in bars. Gold bars are classified into two types: minted gold bars and cast gold bars. The heaviest bars you can buy in a standard gold selling shop in the U.S. are usually 10 ounce bars. Most gold bars in the world consist of 99% to 99.5% pure gold, meaning they are close to 24k in purity. This 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold.

Throughout history, precious metals like gold and silver bullion have not suffered the boom and bust cycle prevalent in many other investment forms. If you own a home or invest in the stock market, you understand how volatile these investments can be. In the summer of 2015, for example, a single day in August saw stocks fall and then rise in record numbers. The housing market, while often a good investment, can be a money drain in times of recession. Purchasing gold, silver and other precious metals, however, will provide the prudent investor with a stable asset that only looks to grow in its value.

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