Grow Your Company With Logistics Management Services!

Marketing supply chain management

Are you an eCommerce expert or multi-channel marketer looking for new and exciting ways to fuel your companies revenue stream? If so, then you may want to look further into the ever popular logistics management services industry. Here are just a few of the ways that using logistics management services can help your business:

1. E-commerce Order Fulfillment – E-commerce sales are projected to reach $500 billion by the year 2018. That figure shouldn’t be surprising when you take into account that 80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet, and 50% of them have done so more than once. The typical ecommerce order fulfillment process starts when you send your merchandise to the company who will be fulfilling the orders, and that company manages will ensure that the each order is packed and shipped on time and as requested. The benefit here is that the majority of the time you will never need to be involved in the process.

2. Marketing Management – Studies show that the majority of online shoppers are satisfied with ease of check-out (83%), the variety of products (82%), and the various online tracking abilities (79%). These categories directly relate to how well online companies are marketing to their potential customers. Marketing companies these days will focus on the customers that you want to reach by making your product seem necessary and accessible. Many logistics management services that handle marketing will focus on email blasts, website traffic, and branding. If your company is struggling with one of those three items then a consultation with a marketing logistics company could be a huge benefit!

3. Inventory Management – One of the main reasons that logistics management services have become so popular in recent years is because they take so much stress off of the company they support. For instance, logistics management services usually provide some option for ecommerce order fulfillment where they completely manage your inventory as orders are processed. This allows you to step outside of the warehouse management role and focus on other important parts of your company.

If you feel that your company could benefit from e-commerce order fulfillment, or marketing and/or inventory management then you may want to schedule a meeting with a logistics management solutions company in your area. Tell them about your business and the goals that you have to grow your company and ask what strategies they would use to help you. The results may surprise you!

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