Grow Your Business with an Impactful Outdoor LED Display

Gsa led sign

If you run any kind of business that relies on foot traffic, you know the importance of commercial business signs. At least 35% of people say that they only are able to find some businesses because of their signs. Nearly 18% of customers who walk into Best Buy locations around the country say they did so because they saw the big sign. That is how important signage is.

How do I make my outdoor LED display great?

  1. Make the text for your sign short and sweet. You have only a few short seconds to get the attention of people who are driving and walking by. If they cannot get your message almost immediately, your outdoor LED sign will prove to be a waste of time and money. Your electronic signs for business needs to have a message that complements the rest of your marketing materials but it has been to read and understood within a matter of seconds. That may not sound like a lot of time and it is not but that is all the time you get to capture someone’s attention.
  2. Make your sign easy to read. This is not the time or the place for ornate and curly fonts and every color you have ever looked at. If people cannot read your outdoor LED display, what is the point? You should use a sans serif font that is simple and easy to read. Remember the very short time you have to get people’s attention and how long they will spend looking at your sign. Baby boomers need larger fonts. You should always make your font a little larger than you think you will need it to be.
  3. Use simple colors. The colors you pick will also have an impact on how hard or easy it is to read your sign. Again, people read signs when they are driving and walking by. There is a reason that Best Buy sign is so very big and has such simple colors. It is really easy to recognize and read. That is what you want for your digital signs for business. The best thing is to use colors that contrast with each other. This makes your text more clear.
  4. Check your sign at different times of the day. Your sign looks awesome for the morning rush hour, how does it look for the afternoon/ evening rush hour? Check it at night, in the sun, in the rain and all kinds of weather. Ask people you know to check it out when they are driving by and let you know what they think. Your sign is always going to be a work in progress and you may feel like the job of tweaking it is never done. It will never be done. Some text and colors will work better at certain times and other colors and text will work better at other times. Expect that and you will be less irritated by it. Have fun with the changes.
  5. Have fun with your outdoor LED display. You can let your creative side out to plat when you are designing and testing your electric business signs. If you can be funny, that is a great way to get people interested in your electric business sign, your business and your brand. If people laugh at your sign, they will also tell their friends and family about it. That can be the start of real buzz about your business that gets more people in the door of your business.
  6. Make sure your content is relevant and fresh. Outdoor LED displays are very easy to change so you should take the opportunity to keep your stuff exciting and fresh. It is easy to do and if you can get people looking forward to your changes, well that is always a great thing for your business.
  7. Use social media to talk about your sign. Ask your followers and friends on your social media to check out your outdoor LED display and comment on your page and tweet what they think. This can get people talking, not just about your electric business sign but about your business.

Put some time and energy into your sign and it will pay off.

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