Group Calls for the End to “Rolling Coal”

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There was a time when diesel fuel oil was seen as the best kind to use in vehicles. Then, scientists found that it created some environmental issues that gave them pause and it fell out of favor. A lot has changed since the, say off road diesel supply companies. In today’s world, one tank of diesel can take a vehicle between 400 and 800 miles. Many of these vehicles get about 45 miles per gallon.

It is in this environment that the Maryland based The Diesel Technology Forum is looking to improve the American environment. According to a release they put out, their Director of Policy Ezra Finkin, went before the Maryland General Assembly to ask them to stop the practice of tampering with diesel fuel emissions because the process creates think smoke that is bad for the environment. The smoke is often referred to as “rolling coal.” The process is also very wasteful.

Finkin’s testimony was in support of House Bill 11, which would prevent the practice. He said, “For the last decade, the industry has invested billions of dollars to produce diesel engines that today are near-zero in emissions. That’s why they’re called clean diesel. Diesel engines have long been a popular option in heavy-duty pick-up trucks because of their superior fuel efficiency and towing performance. While we recognize diesel enthusiastandrsquo;s love for diesel engines and the performance of their vehicles, the practice of tampering with engines and emissions controls for the purpose of generating excess emissions on demand – known as rolling coal – is offensive, unsafe and harmful to the environment. Most of all it is not representative of the manner in which diesel engines were designed to operate.’

The Clean Air Act leaves it up to states to regulate the practice. Finkin continued, “We support efforts to identify and penalize gross emitters and reject the practice of tampering with engines or emissions controls for the sole purpose of producing excess emissions. We urge state and local air quality and law enforcement officials to fully enforce all clean air and vehicle emission laws available to stop this unlawful practice.”We’re proud to be “rolling clean” with today’s new clean diesel pickup trucks, which utilize advanced combustion and emissions control technology to meet the most stringent of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clean air standards. As a result, these trucks generate near zero emissions and have lower fuel consumption. With more diesel choices available, the expanding fleet of diesel-powered vehicles will contribute to greenhouse gas reduction and energy savings and energy security goals.”

As any off road diesel supply company can tell you, a lot has gone in to cleaning up commercial diesel and on road diesel. It has taken literally billions of dollars to create the technology for clean diesel to work. The practice is bad for the off road diesel supply.

Finkin contends, “The diesel engine, filter and equipment manufacturers worked closely with EPA, the California Air Resources Board, national health and environmental organizations and numerous other organizations over the years to develop today;s clean diesel technology. This research and development has led to the creation of the worlds cleanest diesel engines and fuel which has reduced particulate matter and NOx emissions by more than 98 percent. In addition, the new technology has increased diesel fuel efficiency.

“According to research commissioned by the Diesel Technology Forum, a new diesel powered pick-up truck will consume 425 less gallons of fuel in one year compared to a comparable gasoline powered pickup. A typical diesel pick-up truck owner will save, on average, $1,400 in fuel costs thanks to the efficiency of these clean diesel engines. This is a significant savings that will be compounded each year of ownership.

“Tampering with emissions control systems to purposely create higher emissions and smoke is completely contrary to this fuel saving effort. It’s bad for the environment, a complete waste of fuel and the practice may invalidate manufacturer’s warranties. Over fueling is wrong and the practice needs to stop.”

Off road diesel supply companies and quick to tell people how clean the energy is. A lot of positive developments have happened in the world of diesel fuel.


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